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Green Roofing System Installations and Repairs

What is a green roofing system?

Green roofs are a great option if you're interested in something more environmentally friendly and something to help reduce energy costs. Garden roofs, cool roofs, and adding skylights are just some of the options you can choose from. Garden roofs incorporate plants and vegetation on the roof's surface, while cool roofs use highly reflective materials to bounce heat back and away from the building's surface.

Benefits of a green roofing system

There are a number of benefits you'll see with a green roofing system! Garden roofs help to reduce stormwater runoff and combat the urban heat island phenomenon. But depending on the size of the garden area, you'll have to consider the weight load on the roof, irrigation, fertilization maintenance.

The reflective material used for cool roofs help to keep the surface cooler and also combat the urban heat island phenomenon. Adding skylights is another strategy that lets natural sunlight illuminate a building's interior without the need to rely on electrical lighting exclusively.

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