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This widely-used synthetic rubber roofing membrane has provided a proven history of performance for more than 50 years.


EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) offers a proven history of performance based on superior flexibility, elongation, UV, and hail damage resistance. EPDM is ideal for buildings in northern climates. Dark-colored EPDM helps save heating costs and white EPDM helps save cooling costs.

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Time Tested

Meeting or exceeding ASTM standards, EPDM roofs have been used for more than 30 years.

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Rooftop Safety

Black EPDM helps to melt frost, dew, and ice, reduces a roof's snow load, and dries more quickly than a light-colored roof.

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Reduces Condensation

Black EPDM membrane can help to reduce the potential for condensation issues on the roof.

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Energy Efficient

VersiFleece is ENERGY STAR qualified and Cool Roof Rating Council certified.

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EDPM membrane provides excellent resistance to any weathering and hail damage.

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System Options

EPDM Products

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EPDM Versigard

VersiGard EPDM is available in reinforced and non-reinforced membranes. Non-reinforced membranes are available in different widths and lengths, and are ideal for use in fully adhered and ballasted assemblies. Reinforced membranes feature a strong polyester reinforcement and are specially developed for mechanically attached and fully adhered systems.

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EPDM Versigard White

VersiGard White EPDM is a non-reinforced EPDM membrane that is environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. VersiGard White EPDM can contribute toward LEED credit requirements, is ENERGY STAR qualified, and is CRRC certified. Helping reduce energy costs and protect your roof for years to come.

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EPDM Versigard QAT

One of the most critical portions of a VersiGard EPDM installation is made faster and easier with Quick-Applied Tape (QAT) Seam Technology. With QAT Seam Technology, QA Seam Tape is factory applied to the membrane, greatly reducing the time required for completing seams and minimizing your labor costs.

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EPDM Versigard QA

The VersiGard QA (Quick-Applied) Roofing System incorporates a 60-mil VersiGard non-reinforced black or white EPDM membrane, laminated to a pressure-sensitive adhesive. VersiGard QA is available in 10 wide by 50 or 100 sheets. The membrane is fully adhered to the insulation with the factory applied adhesive, and adjoining sheets are spliced together using 3 wide Quick-Applied (QA) Seam Tape and primer.

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